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October 17, 2012
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Alternate POV Series: Discord World War, Intro.
Written by James Sylar (myself) with the help of Drake Epsilon and Astum Legancy.
Edited by Louis Badalament.
Idea original by Alex Warlorn.
MLP by Hasbro (?).

Just a few months after being imprisoned in stone, Discord had escaped once again.  It happened, according to the official reports, while everypony was distracted by the uproar caused by the invasion of the changelings during the wedding of Princess Cadence to Shining Armor... but this could not be verified.  The Royal Guard didn't notice that his statue was missing until a couple of days after Princess Cadence's marriage.  

General panic ensued all over the world, even in places that Discord hadn't reached the last time he'd gotten loose.  For several days, Discord was the talk of all the mass media. Everyone (not just every pony) feared that he could suddenly materialize on their doorstep, enter any door of any home, and bind them to madness.  

But nothing happened.  Apparently, Discord had decided to give himself some free time.  Everyone could only just continue on with their lives, though every now and then, with a little paranoid glance over their shoulder, or checking to see that all the furniture was behaving itself properly.  The princesses send scouting groups and other specialists, but none of them found anything relevant.

It was until the seventh day that chaos finally struck. In every city of the world, countless TV screens emerged from the ground, connected by wide wires that went underground for a couple of meters, but then didn't really go anywhere, not hooking up to any sort of plug.

For a few hours the screens showed a variety of infomercials, trying to sell the most eccentric but utterly useless innovations, including the Occam's Razor, and the wonderful Battery Recharger that could only recharge charged batteries.

Almost everyone recognized the work of Discord in this strange TVs.  But the low prices and charming announcer were gaining a wider and wider viewership as the time flowed on.  

"But wait, there's more!"  promised an earth pony with a manly beard, just before he was abruptly interrupted by another show.

It was a news broadcasting calling itself "The Coltbert Report," but the anchorman turned out to be Discord himself. This startled everyone who was watching.  Somehow, it was even more startling to see him wearing formal attire: a button-down shirt and necktie, both with simple, dull patterns. In addition, he wore reading glasses and his slick hairstyle gave him an air of seriousness.

"Good evening, my pony fellows, and every other race that is out there. It is two minutes to midnight, and we have important news for you. In the economy segment, we have to report an increase of 20% in the prices of bananas and 15% more in hairsprays for cosmic manes that flap in the air without the aid of wind. And in our gadget and technology segment, we have a brilliant guest who will talk about the new IPony 5.

"IT IS ONLY 0.5 INCHES BIGGER, AND IT COST 30% MORE THAN THE PREVIOUS! IT IS A SWINDLE!"  Yelled a unicorn with aquamarine coat and mint mane with a white strip (who was also wearing a formal shirt, but with a "pixelated" tie, just before popping her earbuds back in to play Angry Griffins.

"And now...!"  Discord cut in, reclaiming the viewer's attention, "The winning numbers of the national lottery are 0112358182134."

"Beeeeeee!"  Bleated an overjoyed Goat (that apparently worked there as the show's producer), jumping and dancing right in front of the camera with the ticket in his hooves. Then he threw his earpiece to the ground and left the studio.

"I think we can assume he's not coming to work tomorrow."  Discord laughed, then cleared his throat with a cough.  "And now, in our premier new; a wandering salesman found a giant hole in the ground, where the earth seemed to have been torn out. We have more information with our correspondent, Breaking News.   Breaking?"  

A female Earth pony appeared in a small split-screen square, groomed and dressed as impeccably Discord, but her expression was serious to the point of appearing lackluster.

"Yes, thank you."  At that, her square grew until it filled the entire screen.  "I'm on the scene of the event, quite literally. This is the piece of land that was taken from Equestria's ground, along with at least three towns that were on it. We are now about a mile above the ground.  Behind me are the ponies of those communities. Discord, who is clearly responsible for all this, has promised to give a speech about his actions. I have, at my side, one of the afflicted, Miss Sweet Pear, owner of the biggest pear farm in town."  

Sweet Pear, who stood next to the reporter, was another earth pony, with pale green fur and reddish hair, hidden beneath a straw hat.  

"Tell us, how does being isolated from the rest of the world affect your farming?"  

"Well, this whole thing have me and my family very worried. We've had no end of problems before, I have to admit.  We didn't have enough to pay a loan that the bank gave to us, but we just buckle down and sell enough pears to get ourselves of the rut.  However, now that we're up here, we can't sell our pears, and even if we manage to sell them to our neighbors, we can't pay the loan because the bank is in Canterlot. Although, I seriously doubt that they can manage to get up her to charge us the debt. In fact, with all the pears we have, me and my family could live without troubles until to the next season... curious."  

Before the farmer pony could add anything more, a commotion caught both her and Breaking News' attention. The crowd behind them screamed as an angry mob at Discord, who suddenly emerged from a castle that was suddenly just there.  He stood over a slightly tilted balcony, just below a giant sign that read "MINUS MANE SIX."

The shouts and jeers were silenced by the imposing presence of the spirit of chaos, who now projected a grim seriousness.  He snapped his fingers, and from a microphone descended in front of his mouth.

"My dear ponies, and every other race that can hear me, I am Discord, the grand and really great spirit of chaos. Don't be afraid of me, since I am not going to force my ways upon you like last time. No, I have learned my lesson. However, I can't stand seeing how much you all suffer under the burden that the princesses have imposed over you. That heavy weight that you carry every day without even knowing it, the one that the princesses had conditioned over you for over one thousand years to bear and ignore.  What load am I talking about?  It's the rules! Rules and consequences!  Law and order!  Karmic retribution and their so-called justice! That's not natural! By the way, they are princesses, so why are they ruling a kingdom?

Someone behind Discord made him a remark. "Well, because calling it a principality just doesn't have the same majestic ring to..."

"Well, my little ponies," Discord cut back in, "Surely you're wondering: what does this have anything to do with the fact that I borrowed the land in which your homes were, aren't you? I will explain: In the name of absolute freedom, I decided to create a new country where the influence of the princesses and their strict order cannot apply, the new Discorded Democratic Republic!

From nowhere appeared at least 7 banners that unfurled to the ground and one that did it skyward. The 8 showed what would become the emblem of the newly formed nation: Discord's face in profile, surrounded by two olive branches, and a golden apple in the middle of both.  The crowd in front of the castle screamed loudly again, not in anger but in uncontrolled fanaticism. Discord's speech had won them. They wanted what he offered.

"And I will not be a dictator, like the princesses, you are free to choose who you want to represent you!"  

Discord snapped his fingers again; causing hundreds of ballots to fall from the sky. All were, like all the other paper in the island, enchanted by Discord, to make him the only option in any election:

Do you like me?
( ) Discord. ( ) Discord. ( ) Discord!
[Please select one: fill in circle completely with a No. 2 pencil.]  

"All of you are free, yes, my dear ponies, you can do whatever you want, anytime you want, and without any consequences. But, it's cruel that everyone else is still suffering, isn't it? Do you want to help them, don't you? Do you need to free them from the order, don't you? It's our duty, no, our right to fight so they can be free!

Discord snapped his fingers again, and a grandiose military suit appeared over his body, almost completely covered in medals. One of them was particularly big, on which was written: "for being so amazing and cool!"

"My little ponies, with your support, we will liberate everyone who is enslaved by law and order! We will declare war on the princesses, and all who support them! We shall not allow them to continue imposing their notion of what we should do and think! We will create a world of absolute freedom! But it would be unfair of me to send you to fight alone. No, I will not do something so cruel. Let me introduce you to my trump card, those who will assure we will win this war; my harlequins.

From inside the castle emerged twelve ponies, whose skin appeared to be made of a strange material that was always changing its color and whose faces were hidden behind strange and spooky masks.

Discord then looked directly into his camera, at the viewers watching his TVs, and smiled.

"So then, enjoy your freedom, everypony, because the war has begun!"

The screen zoomed back to Breaking News, whose mane was now completely untidy and her clothes were soaked in mud. Behind her, Sweet Pear was eating her pears wildly.

"Well, you already hear the words of the great Discord, liberation soon will arrive to you and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I, for one, welcome our new overlord Discord!  And now we return to the studio.  Back to you, Discord!"

"Thanks, Breaking, I hope see you more often," said Discord the anchorman with a gentle smile.  He still wore his "For being so awesome and cool" medal over his news reporter outfit as the aquamarine pony kept playing with her iPony 5, completely obsessed with it.

"And now, to finish our broadcast, we have the weather report."

The camera move to the right where a female version of Discord stood, looking disturbingly attractive. Behind her there was a map of a great part of Equestria.

"Better bring your umbrellas, my little ponies, because it's looks like we might be due for a big old storm of chaos! But if you somehow survive it, this weekend we have clear skies with high probabilities of chocolate milk precipitation."

Upon hearing this, everypony watching the TVs sprang into action, desperate to protect themselves. Most of the cities fortified before the "discordian army" attacked. They erected magic shields that were effective enduring even the dragon attacks, sparing no expense against those who Discord had tainted with his insanity.

These shields were, nevertheless, useless when just one of the harlequins appeared.  Discord did not even need to came down from his floating island. City after city fell, and more and more ponies joined the discorded army.
Hello and good night everyone, this is a retcon of a fanfic I started some time ago -I deleted it from here, but I still have it- based on the interpretation of the FIM universe from Alex Warlorn and his POV pony series. Go read it if you hadn't yet.

This Fic maybe won't be as psychological as the original, but i will try to make it epic at least, so lets start this adventure! or something like that XD

Good night.

Alex's deviant:

Louis' channel: (he's the one directing the audio adaptation of the original fic)…


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ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
Now that sounds like a promising beginning.

Though Discord probably doesn't even need an army to conquer Equestria and just loves it to see his corrupted ponies fight against the still sane ones.

But what we heard so far of the harlequins made them sound quite threatening, even if we hardly know much about them.

The funny thing is that Discord didn't try to use his broadcast to hypnotise everyone who watches it. I guess he didn't want to do what was expected of him and instead he spread fear with his declaration of war.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
Thanks, and yes, everything Discord makes is only to entertain himself, so he is going to take the scenic walk whenever he can.

And what could be more entertaining for him than watch ponykind fight against itself, isn't that what disharmony is about?
DrakeEpsilon Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Wow... a great beginning for what will be a great story. Go on, my friend!

Read ya!
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
Thank you, and thank you for helping me x3
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
How many of those ponies on the TV were real? ANy of them?
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
All of them, specially the one with the manly beard.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
If they had swirlie eyes you should have mentioned so.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
I don't think they were full Discorded yet, just merely suggested to "act" like they were acting.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
0-0 I see.
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