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October 26, 2012
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Alternate POV Series: Discord World War.
Written by James Sylar (myself) with the help of Drake Epsilon and Astum Legancy.
Edited by Louis Badalament.
Idea original by Alex Warlorn.
MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbro (?).

Loyalty’s chords. Part 1.

*Unofficial Opening Song: Key plus words by Shihoko Hirata*


After their last confrontation with Discord, Twilight had prepared herself elaborately against his possible return. Back-up plans upon back-up plans, in case those back-up plans failed. She thought she had prepared for every possible action of the incarnation of Chaos, but, she'd been wrong.

In particular, she didn't ever contemplate the possibility of the draconequus working with an ally. Now, not only he had his terrible harlequins, but also a vast army he would not hesitate to throw away as cannon fodder.  Attacking him directly would be worthless; he'd only throw an endless chain of obstacles in their path... making the Elements, themselves, as good as useless.

Such thoughts had rendered Twilight a sleepless wreck.  She'd been driven to read book after book, looking for SOME sort of answer, SOME spark of inspiration, but her brain was burnt out.  She could barely think coherently. So much so that, one day, in order to reach a book on the very top of a bookshelf, she decided to fashion a flimsy 'stairway' of other books, rather than just levitate the book over with telekinesis.

Step by step, she climbed the shaky book-stairs.  

"SPARKLE!" a voice screamed behind her, just as she'd reached the tome.  The surprise caused her to slip, overbalance, and the whole stairway came down in an ungainly pile of literature, a mirror that was nearby and a compass that Shining Armor had send her as a souvenir.
When she came back to her senses, she found herself face-to-face with none other than Trixie, who was looking her with concern.
It was then that Twilight had an epiphany.  A plan to defeat Discord permanently.


Good evening, my name is Octavia Strings, celebrated throughout Canterlot's elite circles for my talent with the cello and violin.  I also co-star in a radio show in K-Colt every Sunday (no one listens the radio on Sunday, I know!), alongside my roommate and best friend, Vinyl Scratch.

What? No, that was not sarcasm. She IS my best friend.  We're able to rise above all the differences we have in regard to our diametrically different personalities, or attitudes towards life, and our taste in musical genres.  Also, just because you have heard of her or might have seen her at a party or two, don't think that you know her. Both of us are much more versatile than people think, and you would know that if anyone would deign to listen to our show!  Eh, ignore that...

Discord has escaped once again. Remind me to congratulate the elements holders next time I visit Ponyville.

When he'd first escaped, he'd transformed me into a bumpkin who mindlessly kept playing her off-tune banjo. It was traumatic, but when the Elements of Harmony brought everything back to normal, I did my best to continue my life as though I had shrugged it all off.  
This wasn’t quite true.  The experience left me with a recurring nightmare, wherein Discord cursed me with ultra-sensitive hearing.  

Even the fall of a dust particle was torture on my ears.  I saw myself screaming and wishing that I have never left the farm, that I had gotten a rock-based cutie mark instead of a music-based one, anything to not hear those noises anymore.
But when I woke up, I realized I had never even been on a farm before, so I have no idea why I would wish for such things in my nightmares.  Probably nothing more than weird, surreal dream-nonsense.  Maybe I should talk to my therapist...

One of Discord'd clown-like harlequins managed to destroy the shield protecting the residential area of Canterlot.  The signal was given for civilians to be evacuated to the castle.

There goes the neighborhood.

I took just three minutes to throw some stuff in my luggage: only three ties, a sweater (in case it's cold) and my violin. My cello was too heavy.  Vinyl had a breakdown when she wasn't able to choose which records to take.  I had to drag her away when we heard explosions just a few streets away.  (Vinyl DID bring her copy of The Colts' Abbey Road, by the way. It was a wise choice.)  

Nobody was in the streets anymore.  Everything looked like a war zone.  To think, these same streets had been so calm and busy just this morning.

"Tavie, Watch out!"  Vinyl shouted before giving me a hard push that sent me rolling across the street.   When I turned around, I found a lot of debris on the site where I'd been standing, and no signs of my friend.

"Vinyl!"  I cried in alarm, but after shaking off some of the dust she muttered that she was okay.  However, when she tried to get up, we noticed something stopping her.  A pillar had fallen over her, weighed down by other debris.  Miraculously, it had all fallen in such a way that she wasn't crushed to death.  However, there wasn't enough space for us to drag her out of that predicament.  There was too much for her to even free herself with her magic.

"Don't move, I'll get you out!"  I took a metal shaft that was in the ground and began to use it as lever.  

Perhaps you've heard that the earth ponies are somewhat stronger than the pegasi and unicorns? Well, I'm the exception to that rule.

I used every ounce of physical strength and willpower within me, but it all was useless. What happened to that supposed super-equine might you're supposed to get in times of crisis?

A noise distracted me.  From down the street, some figures were coming closer.  Judging by the way they walked I was sure they weren't interested in helping me rescue Vinyl.

I was slightly relieved that none Discord's infamous harlequins... were among the army of crazed ponies loping towards us.  No one friendly face among them. (Except for one who smiled reassuringly at us... which was quite a feat, considering the knife he was holding in the mouth).

"Tavie! You have to go!"  Vinyl cried   "I'll distract them so they won't follow you!

"You're even stupider than I thought if you think I'll abandon you!"  I answered. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about running away until she mentioned, not did I think about it after. It was just not an option.

One of the "Discordians" running towards us was barking in a frenzy. I knew that I didn't stand a chance of fighting him, but I needed to protect my friend.  I guess that makes me a stubborn idiot.

And just when I was expecting to feel the first bite of the dog-pony's jaws, a powerful noise sent me to ground.  When I raised my eyes, I could just see a multicolor brightness that my flustered brain gradually identified as a rainbow. The dog-pony was thrown against a building and knocked out, as were his two nearby partners.

In front of me I could just see a light blue pony with a rainbow mane.   She scowled at me as if I owed her money. She was wearing a golden necklace with a lightning bolt gem, similar to her cutie mark, as though it were a medal of honor.

I have seen her a couple of times before; at the Gran Galloping Gala last year, and at the great ceremony that the Princesses held to honor those who had defeated Discord for good... (or so we'd thought, at the time.)  She was Rainbow Dash, the holder of the Element of Loyalty.

"Why didn't you just escape when you have the chance?"  She snapped at me.  "You couldn't save your friend! What was the point of sacrificing your life needlessly?!"

"And you call yourself the embodiment of Loyalty?"  I growled back fiercely, even though that I was barely standing up. "You can say whatever you want, but to me, there is nothing worse than those who abandon their friends!"
Rainbow huffed loudly, I felt that I had offended her and she was just a few seconds from releasing all her fury on me, but instead she turned around and flew away.  I didn't even waited to lose sight of her before returning to where Vinyl was.

"She's right, you have to go now!"

"Who are you, my mom?"  I managed to say, while trying to drive my pole into the debris. At last I seemed to achieve some progress, when the pole snapped in half.

And all the energy I had gathered backfired on me, my head hit squarely against the stones.  Good thing I hadn't been born a unicorn.


"I'm fine!"  I said, pushing myself back up.


"Shut up and help me, or I'll do it all myself and kick your butt afterwards" Soon enough, I spotted another sturdy-looking pole amidst the debris, a little thicker than the last.  Once again I put pressure on my makeshift lever, I could see Vinyl was helping as best as she could, straining with both her muscles and her magic.

My whole body ached.  It didn't matter.
I could hear Discordians getting closer.  I couldn't care less.
It was physically impossible.  I still kept trying.

Just when I felt my muscles were about to give up, the pillar lifted just enough for Vinyl to crawl out from underneath.  No, it wasn't thanks to us getting our second wind... nor was it raw determination...  though that maybe our determination HAD played its part.

Apparently, Rainbow had not flown too far, she was fighting the Discordians in the back alley or something, but she broke from her battle long enough to fly over and help us. I still don't know what changed her mind.
And, here we are again, now we have the first part of the first chapter, i hope you had liked it.

Is this too short?

Based on the interpretation of the FIM universe from Alex Warlorn and his POV pony series. Go read it if you hadn't yet.

This Fic maybe won't be as psychological as the original, but i will try to make it epic at least, so lets start this adventure! or something like that XD

Good night.

Alex's deviant:

Louis' channel: (he's the one directing the audio adaptation of the original fic)…



V.2. Edited October 17, 2013.
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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
When does this branch off from the Pony POV Series?
What summary would you like to give the trope page for the story line?
What changes to the timeline are there besides Pinkie Pie's change in family?
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
I will reply on a note
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
The last story introduced the setup and the conflict and now it is time to show how the characters react.

Twilight has a breakdown since Discord did the one thing she wasn’t expecting but recovers once she sees Trixie and has an idea. I am curious what her plan is. Get multiple sets of ponies able to link with the Elements or maybe create an army to fight against Discord?

Then the narrative switches to Octavia and we learn what Discord did to her and that she did dream about events of the Pony POV story. Her best friend is Vinyl Scratch, despite or maybe because of their different personalities.

Without warning war reaches them and both have to escape the chaos. Here Vinyl shows how much the musician matters to her by pushing her aside and taking pillar that could have crushed her. But now Vinyl is trapped in the middle of a warzone.

I liked the next moments and that no matter how hopeless it seems, Octavia is unwilling to abandon her friend. She knows that it is not the smart thing to do but she does it anyway. Rainbow Dash points out that it could have been a senseless sacrifice if she hadn’t arrived to help them.

The remark of abandoning friends must have really hurt Rainbow Dash.

But in the end the Element of Loyalty returns to them and helps them to save Vinyl.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
Thank you for your commentary/summary of the chapter, it sounded like those you made in the Original POV story, and that make me feel like the work i -and the others- did was good.
Thank you very much :3
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
You are welcome. :)

I am curious what could come next and into what direction the story will move from here.
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