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February 26, 2013
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Alternate POV Series: Discord World War.  
Written by James Sylar (myself).
Translated by Drake Epsilon
Edited by Louis Badalament.
Idea original by Alex Warlorn.
MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbro (?).

Generosity's pebbles. Part 1.

*Unofficial Opening Song: Share The World by TVXQ*


It was early in the morning. The two younger sisters of the Pie family just had breakfast, and were getting ready to go to work, when they heard an awful noise.


Without hesitation, both ran to the site where the noise had originated, and found a rather peculiar scene. A train was crashed into a rock in front of the entrance of their property.
They could also see a strange biped being; it had wide legs, long arms and stone skin. He had no neck and his head was just a rounded stone, with two empty sockets for eyes.

But then, the youngest of them saw something even more attention-grabbing: among the crash survivors was their big sister!

+ + + +Pinkie++++



Two figures jumped on me. No as a surprise attack; quite the opposite. They were my sisters… my NEW sisters, of this altered reality, greeting me with a warm tackle-hug.

For several seconds I did not know what to do. Technically I did not know these girls at all

Fortunately, however, the history of my alternate past rose magnificent to the occasion. Memories flooded my mind, like white cells flooding around a cut, memories in which "Octavia" and "Photo" had earned rock-based cutie mark and had never left the farm.

I had not lived this life… but the “other me” had. Her life was now mine. I had her memories, and those memories were no less real than the ones of my former existence.

My eyes began to moisten and my hair even deflated a bit, but I was not sad. My two front legs embraced my new sisters with the same affection that they showed me.

"You have no idea how much I missed you girls!" I told them, wholeheartedly "In fact, even *I* had no idea how much I missed you girls until just now. But all that’s a long story for another day!"

"You have not changed a bit, Pinkie!" said my new-sister-that-looked-identical-to-Photo. Well, not exactly identical, but very, very similar. The hug lasted for a few moments until I felt that Octavia was staring at us, and some of my other companions were watching, as well.

"Oh! Everypony, come closer! These are my sisters!"

"A-are they really your sisters?" Twilight asked, understandably hesitant. She was the only one besides me who knew the truth.

"Twilight, darling, remember your manners" Rarity scolded, as they all came closer "It's nice to meet you, I'm Rarity Belle, dressmaker, designer and holder of the Element of Generosity. These are my friends...”

And Rarity proceeded to introduce everyone to my sister, but you already know them, so I will skip that part.

“It’s a pleasure! I’m Belladonna Eve Pie, but please call me Blinkie.” added my younger sister, who was Photo’s counterpart.

“A-and I’m Katherine Aria Pie, my sisters call me Inkie.” said the middle sister, Octavia’s counterpart.  

Yes, I remembered everything about them even before they introduced themselves. Inkie and Blinkie were fraternal twins, just as my ex-sisters had been.

Inkie was the eldest, rather taller and quiet, light grey fur with dark gray mane. Blinkie was of average height, with grayish blue fur and straight gray hair, and an explosive personality.

Then I remembered something.
“Wait, since you two never left the farm… that means that our parents are still… here?”

“Why would we leave the farm?” asked Blinkie, very confused.

“Mom and Dad aren’t here right now, they went to visit some of dad’s relatives.” added Inkie.

"Sorry to cut a touching family reunion short, but we have to continue our trip right away." said Trixie.

"I'm afraid that will not be possible," said Eureka, who come back from inspecting the locomotive’s engine "The boiler needs some repairing, nothing too serious, but it could take some time. What really worries me is that the front is still stuck into the rock. "

Twilight came to observe the rock "I'm sure a demolition spell could blast that rock off easily " she murmured.

"Allow me!" Trixie offered, proudly.

++++The One and Only Trixie++++

Of course I was confident; I had been practicing my spells intensively during our stay in Canterlot. The practice hadn’t gone all that WELL, to be sure, but that did not mean that The One and Only Trixie didn’t have a handle on things!

Twilight seemed to have forgotten how to teleport away from the blast zone. All she managed to do was duck on the floor and cover her face as I approached the rock.
My horn shone intensely, sparks started flying everywhere! When the energy beam impacted the rock ... nothing! Absolutely nothing happened!

"Gahh!" I screamed in frustration "What did I do wrong now?"

"Apart from almost blow me into pieces, nothing really. But my teleportation didn’t work either. I don’t understand why... "

Twilight tried casting the spell herself, but the result was the same. Even Vinyl and Rarity were unable to perform any of their spells on the rock.

"P-perhaps we should have warned you guys… that rock contains minerals that weakens unicorn magic" Inkie Pie clarified.

"A mineral like that exist?" I responded incredulously.

“It’s actually a recent discovery. I first read about it in a magazine a month ago, they called it –Pragmatite-” Twilight exposited “However, they keep the place where it was originally found a secret and… By Celestia, this IS that place, isn’t it?"

Pinkie's sisters nodded simultaneously.


It turns out that, about a year ago, we were having some financial difficulties. We’d been having problems harvesting the rocks on time. Plus, we’d fallen behind on quite a few debts.

Then, out of nowhere, came a unicorn with a four-point star as her cutie mark, who’d introduced herself as a geologist. She asked us permission to do some excavation on our property, promising that she’d pay us for all for whatever she dug up.
I didn’t trust her that much, but Inkie convinced me to go ahead and let her dig. After all, what did we have to lose?

Her team did not take long to arrive. For what I understand, they were being funded by a somewhat eccentric photographer who spoke with an exaggerated accent. Between you and me, I think she was faking it.

Finally they unearthed a number of valuable minerals, each with various supernatural properties. As promised, they paid us for everything they dug up from our land, which really helped us Pies back in the black. The excavation team even let us keep a little of each mineral. Inkie grew especially fond with a small scarlet crystal that made earth ponies and unicorns feel physically lighter, and Pegasi heavier. She eventually took to using it as a hair ornament.
Since then, the same excavation team returned for more digging, a couple of times. Except for that one unicorn with the four-point star cutie mark who we thought was their leader. We never saw her a second time. And around the point when rumors about Discord were running wild, they entire team all returned home.

++++The One and  Only Trixie++++

"I, the one and only Trixie, find that very... enlightening. But it does not change the fact that our locomotive remains stuck, and that we are unable of employ magic to get it un-stuck!”

"Leave it to us!" exclaimed Blinkie excited, bouncing over to the rock with enough energy and elasticity to do Pinkie, herself, proud.  Blinkie then put her ear against the side of the rock, knocking its surface lightly.  We all gaped at this weird behavior, but she seemed to know what she was doing.

"You see, even the toughest rock has a weak spot and my special ability is to detect them" she explained calmly while raising from the ground a little white stone and use it to mark an X on the rock.

"Inkie, would you do the honors?"

"Of course" answered her sister with a smile, but Applejack stopped her before she stepped closer.

"Don't take it wrong, sugarcube, but you don't look like having the strength to smash that rock"

Personally speaking, I couldn't agree more. Not only was the girl’s physique unimpressive, Blinkie Pie gave off a distinct ‘Fluttershy’ vibe: she felt like someone who would not kick a pebble to avoid hurting its feelings.

“Allow me. I’m a lifelong apple bucker; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a stronger set of hind legs than these,” added Applejack, flexing her rear legs.

"W-well, if you insist..." said Inkie Pie.

“Wait!" Vinyl jumped in front of Applejack "The golem we crushed... what if it revives the moment we remove that rock?"

"I don't think that's the case" said Rarity Belle "This is just an empty body..."

"How can you be sure?" asked Octavia.

The fashion designer shrugged.  "It's just a hunch, I guess."

"Well, just in case, you gals better be ready to fight!” screamed Applejack just before kicking the rock in the spot Blinkie Pie had marked.

The rock cracked like a walnut, but needed a second hit to completely shatter and release both the train and the trapped enemy golem.  Thankgully, the golem simply fell apart on the spot, each of its individual rock rolling its own way, like a bag of marbles dumped on a sidewalk.

"What a pity..." whispered Rarity.


Yes, a real pity indeed.  Granted, that golem was a far cry from conventional statuesque beauty, yet it had its own charm.  Shame it had to go to pieces like that, it might’ve made for a good exhibit in an abstract art gallery.  Then again, that creature was probably one of Discord’s creations and having "Puffing Tom" next to me was a painful yet necessary reminder of what his last giant rock did to me.

I directed my attention to Applejack, who could barely stand now after those last kicks, and was leaning her weight against Vinyl Scratch.  What added to the strangeness of the scene was that Vinyl, herself, still had her legs bandaged.

"Are you sure you don't want them to check your legs?" asked the DJ with some worry.

"Nah,  Ah'm fine, sugarcube, just give me a couple of minutes… Ah can walk this off!"

I drew closer to them, intending to help my friend in pain, but stopped in my tracks at a familiar shine.  The inside of the shattered rock was loaded with precious rocks, gems, quartz crystals and even diamonds!

“How is it possible?!" I asked.

"Well, a lot of pressure is needed over a couple millions of years, but that's how gems are made!" answered me Blinkie Pie with a big smile. "At least... WITHOUT magic.  WITH magic, or in specially-enchanted quarries, we can accelerate the gem-maturation process to a couple of months!"

"Wait, are you telling me that THIS is what you harvest? GEMS?!"

"Naturally.  If you’re wondering why we insist on calling it a ‘rock farm’ instead of a ‘gem farm,’ it’s because gem farmers tend to attract way too many Diamond Dogs, dragons, and other thieves.  After all, rocks are boring.  It is not like somepony would want to buy rocks just because." answered Blinkie.

"Except if they want pet rocks," said her sister.

"Of course, except for pet rocks!"

“And stonemasons.”  

“Them too!” Blinkie said.  “And... come to think of it... landscapers, mineralogists, slingshot and catapult users...”

"And you knew about this?!" I asked to Pinkie who looked at me seriously.

"Rarity, please, I spend all my fillyhood on this farm..." she said, then gave me a big smile afterwards, "Of course I had no idea!"

I facehoofed in frustration. Had I known that I had such a trusty gem provider so close at hoof,  I would not have to risk myself foraging for them in the wild.  Nor would I have ever experienced that misadventure with the Diamond Dogs... although that incident had ultimately ended well for me!  

"Excuse me, Miss Belle, but you can help yourself to some gems if you like." said Inkie Pie "I have seen your designs and it would truly be an honor if you used some of our stock in your next line."

"R-Really? It wouldn’t be a problem?"  I asked.

“Not at all!” Blinkie answered.

“Oh no, I couldn’t accept it!  I am the holder of the Element of Generosity, so I...”

“Just take the gems, sugarcube.” Applejack interrupted.

I left out a sigh.  I would take a gem, and only one of them!  I couldn’t allow myself to be greedy.  Still… each one of them was so pretty ! I just could not choose one, I wanted all of them!

Until… I noticed a heart shaped crystal, much like the one Spike gave me before, except that this one was half pink and half purple, like Sweetie’s hair.

I… hadn’t consciously thought about them since we left Canterlot, but both Spike and my little sister were always in my mind on a subconsciously level.  

I levitated the precious rock and gave it a little hug, thinking about my loved ones and hoping they were all safe.

“I-I… Thank you, thank you very much,” I finally said to the Pie sisters, with tears flowing freely from my eyes.  They just smiled at me and insisted that I should take more gems. I ended up with two big buckets,  that I needed help lifting into the train’s baggage cart. At least now I had materials to fix the armors.

“And what is this?” Vinyl wondered as she leaned dangerously forward.

Applejack and Octavia had to grab her and pull her, but she’d snatched the object that had caught her interest, and held it between her hooves.

To me, it didn’t appear to be anything impressive: just a spiral-shaped rock with some holes here and there and… what appeared to be a button in the center.

The Pie twins, however, both jumped in amazement at the sight of it.

“It cannot be!” yelled Blinkie Pie.

“I-It is impossible, i-it is a…” seconded Inkie Pie, unable to stop stuttering.  

“It’s called a Dial Fossil” said Shadowfax with all the serenity in the world “It’s a mechanism used by an extinct tribe of ponies that lived under the sea. It was created to store virtually anything: liquid, gases, sounds and even energy, if you can manage to figure how to get it into those openings.”

“The seaponies…” muttered Twilight in a melancholic tone.

Vinyl, on the other hand, admired her discovery with real fascination “Do you think it still works?”

“Well, there is only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

The DJ looked at the fossil, focused on the tiny button that was in the center.

“If you press that, anything that might be stored inside would be released,” Shadowfax told her “Asuming it’s still in working order. It may contain anything from bubbles to crab soup, or perhaps a large amount of boiling lava or poisonous gas. There is no way of knowing.”

Unexpectedly, Vinyl approached the Pie twins and held out the dial fossil to them.

“This belongs to you; it was inside of your rock, after all.”

But both of the sisters refused to take it.

“Finders keepers” answered the youngest.

“Maybe it was your destiny to have it” added the eldest.

Vinyl eyes flashed. After she hugged the sister, (which Pinkie joined in, half a second later) she put a safe distance between herself and everypony else. Holding it out as far away from her face se could… Vinyl pressed the button.

Nothing spectacular happened at first.

Then we all noticed a peculiar sound, a fragment of a song that could be barely heard. It sounded like it had been recorded off a phonograph.

“Shoo be do…”

Then the song cut off.  Apparently, that was the only thing the dial fossil had contained, for nothing else came out.  

“You can keep it,” Inkie told Vinyl after some minutes. “If your cutie mark is anything to go by... you seem to be the music lover of the group."

"I feel ignored."  Octavia pouted.

"Erm... maybe the two of you can share it?"

"Nah.  Vinyl can keep it," said the cellist.  "Fossils don't really interest me... even magical ones."    

Trixie cleared her throat noisily.  "I think we should get back to our scheduled route as soon as possible,” she said.  “We've already have lost plenty of our time and Discord takes no midday naps.”


Meanwhile, Discord was sitting on his throne, watching a TV show called “All my Bonbons” when an upside down clock in the nearest wall exploded.

“Oh boy, it’s midday! Napping time!” he said before rising from his seat. With a snap of his fingers, he was dressed in a knight’s suit of armor, and his throne transformed in a three story-sized waterbed… Then he slid himself under the bed and fell asleep, snoring loudly.


“I have more bad news.” Spoke Eureka after she´d checked the locomotive. “The cauldron was damaged when we crashed, we cannot use more than the 10% of its capacity.”

“How much further would 10% get us?” asked Trixe.

“Well, if I REALLY PUSHED IT, full-throttle… probably far enough to leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere… miles from any civilization at a time when civilization is being torn apart at the seams.”

“Can you repair it?” questioned Twilight.

“I can, but it would take some time, mainly because I lack proper tools and such…”

“Well, if you like, why don’t we all take the train to our farm? We could lend you some of our father’s tools,” spoke Inkie Pie “Also, I think the researchers left some scraps of metal… you could probably use those for the repair.”

“That sounds perfect!” answered Eureka “I was starting to worry we’d have to patch Tom up with rocks! What do you all think?” Eureka’s gaze was directed to both holders of the Element of Magic who, by some unspoken agreement, were considered the leaders of this expedition.

“If that's the best solution we've got, so be it.” Trixie sighed.
She would later confess that she was a little vexed by the thought of having to help pull a whole locomotive to the Pie farm... which was barely visible from where we were currently standing… a mere dot on the horizon. All without the use of magic.

Eureka, nevertheless, made prudent use of that 10% of power.  Rather than spend it all in one desperate burst forward, she deployed just enough to reduce the majority of the train's weight.  
Both Lightning Arrow and Rainbow Dash volunteered to hitch themselves to the front, and pull Puffing Tom themselves.
It required great effort, and they needed frequent rest breaks, but although they were pegasus, both were on par with Earth ponies in terms of brute force.  

Applejack tried to help them, but her legs were still rather delicate and numb, and I reminded her it wasn't worth risking a permanent injury.  She ended up sitting next to Vinyl in a sulky huff.   Everyone else just walked outside, behind the train, so as not to overburden the Pegasus who were pulling it.  Bit by bit, our train proceeded to move.

The Pie sisters left the remaining gems inside of the large geode we'd found them in.

"It's not worth loading into the train and putting an extra strain on those two.  Besides, it's not like there's anyone around to STEAL it."  

"Even if someone DID... it'd hardly be a huge loss."  Inkie finished.

I was left flabbergasted.  Exactly how many gems did these two harvests, to make the treasure in that giant boulder an 'acceptable loss?'  These two were generous almost to the point of self-parody... which finally brought a thought to my head.  Surely ONE of these sisters HAD to be the second holder of my element:  the Element of Generosity!   I should've seen it sooner!  The only question was: which one?  

How DID Generosity measure a candidate's worthiness?  What sort of pony did it regard as 'more deserving?'  A pony who was routinely generous, in matters great and small?  Or one whose sacrifices were HUGE and MEANINGFUL -- the type who'd sell their homes or lose their own limbs for another's sake?  Quality or quantity?  And how did the Pie sisters rank against each other... by EITHER yardstick?  I haven’t even been keeping count!

“Miss Rarity?”  Shadowfax now walked alongside me; I hadn't even noticed him approach "I can easily imagine what's going through your mind right now: whether one of those sisters would be suited for a certain ROLE."


"I actually think you're on the right track.  But since it's the best not to jump to conclusions, I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself for the time being.  It's always best for the Holder of Generosity... WHOEVER she or he turns out to be... to 'awaken' independently, without prodding from a third party."  

How had he realized?  Was my body language THAT transparent?  Or could it be that...  never mind.  Even if it were something like Pinkie’s Pinkie Sense or Applejack's Truth Vision... did it really matter?  

"Time IS of the essence."  I reminded him.  "It'd be better that we get the second set of Element Bearers right away, before Discord decides to intervene."

“Perhaps.  But even IF we're right... even if one of the sisters IS Generosity... it would be unwise to confront them prematurely."


"Yes.  Before they've had time to contemplate what 'Generosity' really means. If you try to 'awaken' a potential Element Holder prematurely and overwhelm them with great expectations, it could backfire on you."  Shadowfax's expression could hardly have been sterner.  "It could disrupt their psyche, and render them UNFIT to wield that element FOREVER"

“Then what should we do?”

“For now, just wait and watch.  Later, maybe I can convince to our hosts to share a spot of tea with us.”


Sitting on the train while somepony else pulled hurt my pride a bit, but I had to accept that it was for my own good.  Vinyl was here too, and her condition was worse than mine.  I thought it was weird that she seated next to the door, which we left open.
“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Wait…” Octavia interrupted me.  
Although she was walking outside, she was making a point of keeping pace with Vinyl, so that at any point, all the unicorn would need to do was look directly sideways to see Octavia there: just a few steps away on this slow-moving train.  It was then that I noticed how the DJ's horn was shining, and the look of concentration on her face.

“Don't break Vinyl's concentration, or she'll have to start over again. She’s marking the fossil, so she'll be able to summon it instantly, later on.”

“Like she did with your violin?”

Octavia nodded.  “The only trouble is, that spell takes a lot of time to perform, and a lot of concentration she normally lack, so she just uses it on her most important possessions.”

“That would explain how Rarity's couch appears every time she has to act like a drama queen” I said.

“I heard that!" yelled Rarity, from somewhere I couldn't see.

Vinyl then laughed so hard that not only did she break her concentration, but rolled on her back, kicking her hooves up.  I couldn't help smiling.  I’m sure Rarity just was just faking her annoyance.


Later, when we reached the farm, we immediately unhitched the exhausted Rainbow and Lightning from the Puffing Tom, in front a storage house that was aside from our main house.

My sister was very quickly and brought water for the two exhausted Pegasus.

Then, equipped with the proper scrap metal and tools, Eureka got to work right away on the train, while the rest of us just kicked back out in front.

“Oh!” Pinkie shouted, as if she'd had an epiphany.  “We've not had breakfast yet!”

Miss Rarity tried to object by saying: “Darling, I don’t think this is the right moment to think about breakfast,” just before her stomach growled out.  “On the other hoof, if we don’t eat appropriately, we will not have enough energy to move on.”

“Excellent!  Blinkie, Inkie, may I borrow your kitchen?”

“Our kitchen is your kitchen.” I replied.

Because it certainly was.  

“B-Bella!” squeaked my other sister, with a nervous look from pony to pony.  “Remember that we haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while!  All we have are the basic stuff… barely enough for just you and me...”

“Don’t worry about that, I planned beforehoof for a situation like this and packed my own ingredients!”

As Pinkie’s sister, I learned long, LONG ago there were certain things she did that just weren’t worth puzzling over.  For example: I wasn’t going to bother questioning where she’d been keeping that giant sack of food that was suddenly upon her back.  Or how her spine was able to SUPPORT such a monstrously large thing.  Pinkie was still Pinkie.   And yet, I noticed something a little different in her eyes... almost as if she were… dare I say... more focused?

Shadowfax allowed some of the soldiers to join us at the dining room table, while others had to stand guard.

“I’ll watch.” Said the bat-winged pegasus in an raspy, almost angry voice before flying away.

“Can we trust him?”  I heard Trixie ask.

“He may be moody, but I’m pretty sure he will do his best when push comes to shove,” the elder mage answered.

++++The One and Only Trixie++++

“You know, it’s very impolite to rummage through somepony else’s stuff with telekinesis.  Especially without asking.”  

“Yup,” answered Twilight distractedly, lifting the radar out from my purse.  She was focused so intently on the radar, I had to steer her back home so she wouldn’t trip on a rock.

“Ah!  I see!”

“What is it?” I asked.

“The radar’s not working right, but it doesn’t seem to be broken. I think some of the ores and minerals in the ground underneath us are causing interference.”

“Then we just have to move out to a mineral-free area, right?”

“Right, but where are we going to find such a place on a rock farm?”

“E-excuse me,” interrupted Inkie Pie.  We turned to face her.  “I apologize for overhearing your conversation, but I think I have something that could help you.”

She led us inside the house, into a new room.  There were three beds here: one twin-sized bed off to one side, plus a set of bunk beds off to the other.  I had no doubt this was the bedroom all three sisters shared.  But Inkie swept past the neatly-made beds and pointed up towards a large chart pinned on the wall.

“So this is a map of all the mineral deposits on your rock farm?” Twilight asked Inkie.  I couldn’t make heads or tails of the weird diagram, myself, but I squinted at it intently with a shrewd look on my face.  

“Yes.  If our minerals are throwing off that gizmo of yours, your best bet would be to go to this hill on the east.”  Inkie advised, pointing at it on the chart.  

“Sounds good!”  I said.  “We can go there right after we have lunch!”  

But before I could waltz out to the kitchen and sink my teeth into Pinkie’s cooking, Twilight stopped me.

“Trixie... I have a bad feeling about this.  Maybe it’s just my nerves, but I would much rather head out to the hill NOW, before something else happens…”

I saw the anxious, worried look in her eyes.  “Okay, fine, lunch can come later.  Let’s go.”

“I would not consider that a wise idea…” whispered Shadowfax, sipping his tea. It’s almost unnecessary for me to say that the three of us jumped at his sudden entrance.  

“You’re not helping!” I told him, annoyed.  “Between Twilight’s bad feeling about NOT going, and YOUR bad feeling about going... SOMEONE’S sixth sense is on the fritz!”  

“My dear One and Only Trixie, you must consider the worst-case scenario.  Suppose you and Twilight head out to this hill and --  Fauna Luster forbid -- something horrible ambushed you.  We would lose BOTH our Elements of Magic in one fell swoop.”  

“You are right…” I had to admit.  “But Twilight cannot go by herself.”

“Agreed.”  Twilight said.  “You’re never more vulnerable to Discord than when you’re alone, and I suppose we should assume the same of his minions.”  

The elder mage led us into the dining room, and described Twilight’s plan to everyone else at the table.  Rainbow Dash immediately jumped from her chair.

“So you’re going out? Then I’ll go with you.” she said, stretching her wings.

“Me too!” said Lightning Arrow, maybe with a little too much enthusiasm. “I mean, we cannot allow two civilians go by themselves, Sir!” he added, in a much more professional tone to Shadowfax, throwing in a little military salute.


To my surprise, we were constantly eating Twilight’s dust.  She kept sprinting ahead and teleporting ahead.

All I could say was, “Wow!” but I doubt Twilight heard me.

Finally, she teleported to the top of a nearby hill.

“This is it!  The interference is weakest here, just as Inkie said.”  She frowned at the radar.  “That’s funny, the radar’s still picking up something weird.”

“Then I think Rainbow Dash and I should patrol the area, just to see whether we find anything hostile.” argued Lightning.

“Good idea!  I’ll stay here and have another look at this radar; it could be faulty.”

“Sure, but if something bad happens, just yell! We’ll be back in ten seconds flat!”

We were thorough.  Nothing escaped our eagle eyes.  We uncovered rocks, dirt and a few dried, scraggly weeds, here and there.  BOR~ING.

Suddenly, Lightning flew over me again.  As she did, I felt a strange... FORCE acting upon my body, and found myself suddenly flung in a different direction!  

“How you do that?” I asked when I managed to reach her.

“It’s my special talent!”  she said, lifting the part of her armor that covered her flank.  Her cutie mark was a white zigzagging arrow with three stars under it.

“To put it simply, it allows me to create an ‘impact,’ which can throw ponies in a direction of my choosing, super-fast!”  she added before launching herself up to the sky and then falling back easily.  “It’s a unique ability!”  

“Amazing!  Can you use that ‘super-fast’ impact thing on YOURSELF?”

“Absolutely!”  Lightning boasted.  “The more times I use it, the faster I go!”

“I’ll bet THAT comes in handy on a race!”

“Is that a challenge?”

And, without realizing it, we both broke into sprints.  Technically, I ran faster, but Lightning was using her ‘impact’ ability to accelerate herself and make smoother turns.  I often found myself skidding on the gravel whenever the road curved.  At one point, we even veered around Twilight, who was still completely engrossed with that radar.  
After we had whizzed past her, I heard her bump into something large.   “Oh, I’m sorry,” I heard her mumble, absently.    

I stopped abruptly as something occurred to me.  Twilight had been standing still atop an empty hill of dirt.  Lightning and I had both galloped past her smoothly.   So what had crashed into her?!

I turned towards Twilight.  There, in front of her, stood a rock monster similar to the one that had attacked Puffing Tom.  Where had it even come from?!  Worse yet, a pony was riding on top of the creature: a pony whose coat was constantly changing colors and whose face was hidden behind an ugly, disfigured-looking mask.

“MINE!” the masked pony shouted.
New chapter, new enemies and new allies!

Non important trivia: Inkie and Blinkie were originally named "Inkatherina Infinity Pie" and "Belladonna Ending Pie" but Louis suggested me to change them. And though i thought they were cool, I really like the new ones :D

V.2. Edited October 22, 2013
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And the series continues. The chapter begins with the two new sisters of Pinkie Pie rushing to the crash side and finding the survivors and the remains of the monster that almost killed the heroes. For a moment the situation is very confusing for the pink pony since she doesn’t know these new sisters. While she still has her old set of memories she gains the new memories just in time. These are her sisters in this reality and their love is very real. So she is able to embrace the two ponies with a hug. Eventually both introduce themselves as Belladonna Eve Pie or Blinkie and Katherine Aria Pie or Inkie. The pink pony remembers how the older Blinkie is the quiet one while Inkie has a more energetic personality. Thankfully it turns out that their locomotive was not completely destroyed but can actually be repaired again. Now that is quality. Trixie is confident that she can blast the rock that blocks them apart but that doesn’t work like it should. In fact nobody can cast magic here. It turns out there was a new discovery – an element called Pragmatite – that blocks unicorn magic.

After the death of their parents the Pie family got into financial difficulties but eventually a mysterious geologist got interested in their rock farm. Apparently she was financed by Photo Finish and found various minerals with supernatural properties. In return the Pie family got the much needed money and some of the minerals. They might turn out very useful in the future but the female unicorn just vanishing seems strange.

Then Blinkie shows her special talent by finding the weakspot in the stone that is blocking their train. Inkie is ready to break the rock but Applejack insists to help her. Since these two live on a rock farm, I am very sure that they know what they are doing. Vinyl warns the farmer that breaking the rock might release the rock golem but the stubborn pony continues what she has started and thankfully the golem just seems to fall apart.

Rarity mourns the loss of this piece of abstract art and she does realise the irony of her constantly meeting giant rocks. The kicks were more exhausting then expected and the DJ tries to support the stubborn pony but AJ thinks she can handle it. Then Rarity is distracted by the reveal that this rock farm actually harvests gems. Amusingly they choose to call themselves a rock farm to bore possible thieves away. This seems to be one of the changes in this world since in the Pony POV story a rock farm actually does harvest rocks. Inkie instantly offers Rarity to take some gems for her creations. The white unicorn wants to take only one but she is VERY tempted by all of this beauty. Eventually she would have chosen a single heart-shaped crystal that reminds her on both her sister and Spike but the Pie sisters did insist on her taking more so she ended up with two buckets of gems.

Vinyl also gets something special: A Dial Fossil. It is an artefact of the seaponies that allows you to store practically everything. Again the two sisters are willing to give this rare and impressive item away. The only thing it seems to contain for now is the beginning of a song. Meanwhile Discord is doing the most horrible, most terrible... well he takes a midday nap in the strangest way possible. True nonsense while his minions have to do all the hard work.

But the train is badly damaged and Inkie offers their tools and materials to repair it. With much effort the group is able to get the train moving to the farm and the Pie sisters are willing to leave the remaining gems behind to not burden the heroes more. By now Rarity realises that one of them MUST be the bearer of generosity. But what are the defining qualities and which of the two sisters embodies them the best? Shadowfax can see what she is thinking but warns her that generosity can’t be forced to awaken. It has to come from the heart. They need to give them time. Eventually they manage to reach the farm and it seems one of the sisters has a crush on Shield. Pinkie also did use her special abilities to store a huge number of supplies, so they will all be able to eat. Since all the minerals here seem to stop the radar from working correctly, Inkie advices Twilight to try it again from a certain hill in the east. And the unicorn has the feeling that she needs to do this now or she might not have the chance to do it later. But Shadowfax warns the two Elements of Magic not to go by themselves or they could loose both in the worst case. So in the end Rainbow Dash and Vector Arrow go with the purple unicorn.

Thanks to her teleportation the unicorn is actually able to be faster then Rainbow. While the radar seems to pick up something, neither of them can see anything. So Rainbow and Vector start to search the area. We learn of the other Pegasus’s ability to create an impact and use that on herself to fly even faster. This can only lead to one thing: a race! But suddenly one of the harlequins is there with a rock golem just like the one that attacked them earlier. The coat of the pony constantly changes but the way the pony shouts “MINE!” brings back memories about the Element of Greed.

Overall this was a chapter that started nice and relaxing with the meeting of the two Pie sisters. The character interaction and the humor was great but in the end we are painfully reminded that there is a war going on and one of Discord’s more powerful minions has found them. This can only lead to a battle.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Wonderful resume, you really caught the center of the story :D
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ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Very well done! I really enjoyed reading it.

I just found a few minor mistakes:

“A-and I’m Katherine Aria Pie, my sisters call me Inke.” should be “A-and I’m Katherine Aria Pie, my sisters call me Inkie.”

“This is just and empty body..." should be This is just an empty body..."

“Water would be fine,” answered Shield, trying to sound genteel.” Should be “Water would be fine,” answered Shield, trying to sound gentle.”
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Thank you for those corrections, i will go to edit them right now :D
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Do you have a folder for these? Or another way to keep them numbered?
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Well, i was thinking about creating a folder, but i have procrastinating it xP
I will create it soon, but it should not be a problem until i have at least 6 or seven chapters.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
The cut away joke with Discord napping was perfect.

“That would explain how Rarity's couch appears every time she has to act like a drama queen” I said.


I have to say this much, while I think the OCs are a bit too much in number and lack foreshadowing, your humor and character interaction is spot on!
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Thank you :3
And while i understand that maybe the OC were something a bit unexpected, i'll try to make good use of them.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
And remember when reading a fanfic that people read it normally for either the setting or the characters they know and love. Make sure that OCs don't crowd out the canon characters if you're going to mix them.
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