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November 27, 2013


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Note: I have made some editions on the previous chapters; please check on the commentary below.

Alternate POV Series: Discord World War.
Written by James Sylar (myself).
Translated by Drake Epsilon
Edited by Louis Badalament.
Idea original by Alex Warlorn.
MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbro (?).
Every other character or reference belong to its respective owner.

Generosity's pebbles. Part 4.

*Unofficial Opening Song: Share The World by TVXQ*

++++ Blinkie ++++

The battle was over. And thanks to Twilight’s spell, Rainbow’s wounds went from really dangerous to just scratches in matter of minutes.
Both Twilight and Trixie asked if anypony needed medical attention, but we could see how drained they were, so no one raised a hoof. Also, none of us had wounds as deep as she had.

AJ had taken the cyan Pegasus to the train so that she could rest, and also to see if Eureka needed help or something, since she had gone back to work as soon as the enemy fled.

When Vinyl heard of this, she seemed to remember something suddenly, and chose to go with the apple farmer mare. Octavia tried to tag along, but the DJ stopped her.

“Wait here, I don’t want to ruin the surprise!” she said before leaving.

The cellist looked jumbled and a bit saddened, but all was gone with a deep sigh.
“It doesn’t matter…” she said.

Meanwhile, my big sister was still glazing wordlessly to her chest; where just a moment ago a shining light bright had appear. Now it had vanished, but she was still too startled, shocked and confused to say anything.

“You did it!” Rarity finally shouted, hugging Inkie intensely “I knew you could do it, I never hold any doubt! This is THE. BEST. POSSIBLE. THING!”

“W-what?” my sister managed to say.

“Rarity, you have to calm down, you are only confusing her more and more!” Fluttercruel stated, and the white unicorn reacted.

She blushed and laughed nervously.
“I think that we owe you an explanation…” she said while trying to regain its composure. Still didn’t let my sister go.

“Wait, we better discuss this inside….” Twilight interrupted “I have this odd feeling that somepony is watching us…”

“Do… do you think that the Harlequin is going to return?” asked Fluttershy, a bit scared.

“I didn’t mean that…but we can keep our guards down now…”

++++               ++++

In a scenery I once say, there was a modest tranquility, and there was a small hope. And when the enemies trampled upon us, a mare rose against it.
In her eyes shone a new hope, the hope of evolution. With enormous strength, the mare fought…

…and learned of despair.

++++ Applejack ++++

“AJ? Are you okay?” asked the DJ pony.

“Huh? Why? What happened?” I asked.

“You said that you were going to take a peek into Dashie’s dream with that truth vision thingy, but then you start staring at nowhere for like two minutes!”

“I did? Weird…”

“So, what did you see?”

“I-I can’t really remember…” what was again? It seems like the more I tried to remember, the more I couldn’t.

“Hey girls!” Said Eureka, who just then entered to the wagon, “I didn’t expect anypony wanted to leave this place so hard. Anyway, I already repaired the damage, but we have to wait until the things I weld got cold, or the iron will break!”

“Oh, don’t worry partner, we just wanted to know how you were doing, you know, after the battle. Aren’t you hurt?”

“I’m fine; those puny stone aren’t match for us earth pony, right?”

“…Right.” I said laughing nervously. My legs felt like smashed potatoes at that point, much like if I had bucked every three on our orchard twice. I was afraid to think how the unicorns felt after such rough battle.
It made me wonder what this engineer girl was made of.

“Oh, by the way!” said Vinyl after she seemed to remember something out of the blue “I want to propose you something!”

++++ Vinyl ++++

“So? What do you say? Can you make it?” I asked Eureka after I finished explained my idea.

“Well… I would need to take some part of my personal radio and it will take me some time to put everything together, but it sounds interesting… I’ll do it!”

“Awesome!” I shouted “And to compensate for it, until I can give you another radio I will lend you my music player!”

She got quiet for a couple of seconds.
“I don’t know, electronic music gives me headaches.”

I facehoofed.
“Listen, the fact that I’m a DJ doesn’t mean that I ONLY like electronic music. There are plenty of goods songs of that genre, and since it’s very rhythmic and danceable, it’s what the customer requests me to play in most of the parties. But there are a lot of other genres that I like to listen. I sometimes play remixes of classic songs or even the original, and some others that nopony had heard of yet.”
I needed to take a long breath before continuing “In music, what really matters is the balance between silence and sounds, and the feelings of those playing and/or singing it.”

Eureka was silent again, a little surprised and sunk in thought.

“I have never thought of it that way. Could you tell me more about it? Maybe we could listen to music together!” she said smiling.

“Of course!” I replied “Let’s start with the basic, new groove steam rock…”

++++ Inkie ++++

“That light that shone from your chest was coming from within your soul, from the element of harmony that resides there, Generosity” said Miss Rarity “You and I share it, isn’t it wonderful?”

“And just like you, Trixie and I share the element of Magic.”

“And my Mother and I share the Kindness, just like we share our body.”

“And I and Rainbow share the Loyalty, I suppose.”

“We are on a crusade to find the second holders of the elements, so that we can defeat Discord once and for all, but the road we are traveling is full of dangers and…” Twilight was saying, with Trixie making gestures to provide visual aid, since she couldn’t use her magic at that moment.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot go with you.” I said.

“Wait what?”

“I can’t possibly neglect my responsibilities with the farm, nor can I abandon my family.”

“Inkie…” whispered my big sister, not disappointed but sad.

“But they need you to save the world!” added my little sister.

“I’m sorry, I wish I could help.”

“Are you really going to let everyone suffer while you farm rocks?!” asked Octavia with a harsh voice, surprising everypony “You speak of responsibilities, but you only seek for an excuse to hide in fear! “

“That’s enough!” Rarity said with a volume meant for an angry princess “We can NOT force her to join the battle, just like we didn’t force you to.” she added, somewhat more calmly.

Octavia reacted to her words and calmed herself.
“I… I am sorry.” she said without looking at me, but I could feel the sincerity on her words.

“I… It’s alright, don’t worry.” I said, but my heart was still beating fast “And you are right, I am afraid, but not for my own life. I am afraid of what could happen to my sister if I left her here alone, or what could happen to my parents if I am not here waiting for them. I know it’s silly and pointless but even so… ”

Pinka wanted to say something, but the sound of the door opening fast interrupted her.


My big sister looked at the opened door very surprised, like a frightened deer.


Pinkie looked too surprised of seeing her mother walking towards her, almost as she saw a ghost.
It didn’t helped when she realized that her father was following her.

“You know that we love to receive you, but it is really necessary that you cause such a ruckus every time?” said the stallion, half ironically, half sarcastic.

“And how do you expect us to come to receive you if you don’t advise us with anticipation!” added her mother, “If it weren’t by that monster menacing the world, we would stayed another couple of days with your father’s relatives, and we would had missed you.”

“I…” Pinkie managed to say.

“Ah! By the way, did you got the cookies we sent you last month? I’m suspicious of that blonde mailmare.”

“Wait, you have a stain on your fur.” said her mother, taking a handkerchief out of her saddle, wetting it with her saliva, and proceeding to realize the most embarrassing act of cleaning in the history,  “You should brush your mane more often, remember when we found that nest of parasprites and…”

Pinkie interrupted him, hugging both very strongly.

“Well, since when you are this affective?” said her mother with a tender smile, “Oh, right, since ever.”

“Is it everything alright?” added her father, nuzzling her.

Pinkie hugged them even harder “I’m just happy that you are alright.”

Twilight waited until they broke the gesture to speak.
“Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Pie… I am Twilight Sparkle, holder of the element of magic and Celestia’s most faith full student. I apologize for the damages on your property. Princess Celestia will surely take care of them, but right now, we have something more important to discuss.”

“Let’s see…” Sue, the mother of Pinkie, Blinkie and Inkie, interrupted “You are on a dangerous quest looking for some special people who can use those elements that contain ancestral magic to beat once and for all to that half dragon monster. And it happens that not only Pinkie, but one of my other daughters is one of these persons, but she doesn’t want to go with you because of the responsibilities she has here, isn’t that right? And you have a fight with one of the henchmares of him and that’s why it’s all messy outside. ”

Twilight’s jaw almost hit the floor.
“How could you possibly know that?”

“Just a hunch…”

Her husband, Clyde, sneered, “That’s one of the reasons I married her.”

“It would be very selfish and stupid for me to hide my daughters when they could help to save the world, we’ll be doomed anyway if we don’t do anything.” she said, with a tone somewhat indifferent, “However, I can’t trust the life of my beloved daughter if the leader of the groups hides behind Celestia and expect her to solve all of the damage left by the battle.”

“I… what?” Twilight was taken by surprise.

“You heard me; I don’t think I could trust in you…”


I stepped forward and cleared my throat.
"With all the respect you deserve, I will ask you not to judge our Twilight that way." I said perhaps too authoritatively, "She's one of my best friends, and is the most responsible ponies I know. I'll take care of burying what was left of the golems, and as compensation for the damage to your property, when we defeated Discord, I will come to help with the next harvest. "

I felt a hoof on my back, it was Twilight.
"Thanks for supporting me, but that would be too much work for you to take care of it by yourself. I'll help too, and I'm sure we can convince Spike to come too. "

"Oh! Me too! Me too! "Pinkie cried, jumping around us," It was very boring harvesting rocks as a little pinky winky, but now I am much more mature and wise. "

"But you still saying pinky winky?" Cruel murmured with a sly smile, "Count us in!"

"I'm sure Applejack and Rainbow will also want to help" Shy said with a friendly tone.

Trixie growled, "Chopping rocks all day is not exactly my dream job, but I will not be the only lazy. What do you say, cellist girl, will you also help? "

Octavia nodded, a small smile from his lips.

"Well, I have been convinced. Inkie is allowed to join you to go save the world. "Sue said.

“B-but what about you?” Her daughter replied “I can’t leave you at your own!”

"If you stay here, you'd be leaving everyone else in the world on their own." Clyde said, "Your mom and I are not at the peak of youth, but we can still defend ourselves."

"We will resist, no matter what happens," said his wife, "until the three of you back home."

Blinkie gave a little jump.
"With the three of you, you mean Pinkie, Inkie ...and me?!"

"Yes, you can accompany too. That is, of course, if it seems good to them."

I could see Fluttershy holding the desire to give a speech of how risky this trip could be.

“Blinkie was a key part for us to defeat that last golem, her support would be very useful to us” Twilight admitted.

The younger of the Pie started jumping imitating her older sister.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise I will not let you down!"

Pinkie stretched his arms, something more than usual, and caught her sisters to give them a strong hug.

Shadowfax, who had been absent from ... you know, I'm not sure when he left... Doesn’t matter, he entered the room at that time.

"I see we have gained valuable allies," said the magician, "And just in time, Eureka said that the Puffing Tom is ready to go.”


Following the recommendations from Miss Twilight, my sister and I packed only the extremely necessary. She made us make a list of everything that we were taking with us, and we had to check it out three times ... She scares me a little, but she doesn’t seem to be a bad person.

As we said goodbye to our parents, I saw that Miss Rarity used her telekinesis to bury the golems, and even accommodating small stones to make improvised tombstones. They were very pretty, though.

"It would be a shame not to give them a proper burial, don’t you think?" She told me with a pained smile, when she noticed that I was watching her.


“Old guy, aren’t you going to aboard?” Vinyl asked when she saw Shadowfax still outside of the train.

Twilight and Trixie saw this too, and went closer to him.

"Is something wrong?"

"I'm afraid I won’t be able to accompany you for a while, I need to attend certain urgent matters. I should return by the time you have made a new ally, if all goes well. "

"What kind of urgent business?"

"There is nothing to be worried" the magician insisted, his eyes hidden behind his bushy eyebrows and under the brim of his hat, "I leave you in good hands, Night, Lightning, and Eureka  will continue to fight at your side no matter what happens. "

"That does not comfort me." Trixie growled.

"Be careful, and come back in one piece." Twilight muttered.

Both unicorns re-boarded the train, our mechanic moved some levers, and Puffing Tom began to move away from the farm rocks.
When they disappeared behind a hill, Sue and Clyde turned to where the magician had been to only a few moments.

“He vanished."

"It's what magicians do, I guess."

Sue sighed and went back into his house.
She climbed a chair and picked up a box that was on top of a high shelf. The box was full of curious things, photos, necklaces and sparkling beads, but she was focused only on a deck of cards.
She shuffled them and took three of them at random, placing them face down on a table.

"And despite all that you said so calmly, you're really worried about them, aren’t you?"

"Of course, what kind of mother I would be if I didn’t worry about them."

"Well, we did everything that pony (four pointed star cutie mark) told us, and everything happened exactly as she predicted, we can only put trust that things will go well..."

"Still..." Sue turned the three letters, revealing The Fool, The Death, and The Morning Star.

"What does that mean?"

Sue was silent a moment, "I never really paid attention to what they meant. "


I woke up a bit confused, not recognizing the room where I was. I seemed to be the infirmary of a neighponese school, but they had certain artifacts that looked too advanced and complicated to be used in this kind of facilities.

Turning around I came across the face of my dear assistant, Derpy, who was still sleeping peacefully. It took me a couple of seconds to remember she was ONLY my friend and companion, and about half of that time to notice that we were in the same bed.
In surprise I fell off the bed to the floor, but somehow, I managed to stay quiet and not wake her.

Still on the ground, and with my legs in the air, I closed my eyes and dedicate a moment to remember how we got there.

Following the request of Twilight Sparkle, Derpy and I had been investigating who or what had altered the past. I used my sonic screwdriver to look for suspicious emissions and anomalous time residue, but every time I thought I have found something, it disappeared in a second, and I couldn’t even remember that I have seen.

I tried glaring unblinking at whatever we had found, but it didn’t work out.

"This makes no sense ..." I said, as I bumped my forehead against a nearby wall, out of frustration.

"It's almost as if its tracks hide every time we found them ..." Derpy mention.

"Wait ... that's it!" Exclaimed, changing the calibration of my sonic screwdriver, "Derpy, you're a genius!"

“Of course I am… but what did I said?”

“That the trail hides, it somehow manages to go unnoticed, as if it compelled us to look away. Think of it like a criminal cleaning all the evidence. If that is the case, we have to look up for what looks more clean, the suspiciously unsuspicious.

“That… has some logic, I guess.”

I used my sonic screwdriver and BINGO! A full defined trace, even across the time stream, and out of it.

We follow it to the past using the TARDIS, and we certainly reached the points when the changes we knew had been made. It also took us to some points when changes we didn’t know had happened too.
Although, we couldn’t find the culprit.

“Whatever is hiding the trail is even stronger on the user itself, I can’t detect it…” I said, as I watched the Pie’s rock farm from afar.
The little Pinkie and her sisters, Blinkie and Inkie, were pushing rocks form one of the sides of their field to the other, and that gave me and idea.

“We are going to follow the track in the opposite direction, to find the source in the point where it originated!” I told to Derpy and Dinky (who we couldn’t find a nanny on time again, and Sparkler was taking classes at that moment).

I pulled some levers on the board of the TARDIS, and just as we were taking off, the energy wave of the first Sonic Rainboom hit us.

The energy overloaded its circuits and we were launched towards an unknown destiny. While that happened, we crossed paths with an ancient abomination that I could or couldn’t have invoked by thinking about it.

It was surely in its way to destroy your world, but after we crashed with it, it went back to its home dimension. What worries me is that some of their scales could have fallen to earth, and not even I know what effects may cause to the ponies that have contact with it.

However, I have a time machine so I can always finish what I am doing and return to pick up any of
those before it can cause any trouble, right? right?


Anyway, we ended up crashing, but I managed to reduce the impact with my awesome piloting skills.

“Wow, the TARDIS is upside down!” Dinky said, jumping around the “ceiling”.

“Doctor, where and when are we now?”

“We are here, and we are now, it’s all that I know” I said, as I opened the door. Really, I didn’t even know if we were still in the same dimension.
Derpy followed me, but we told Dinky to wait inside, no matter what happened.

I remember immediately regret for going outside so merrily and casual, forgetting my sonic screwdriver, because then I found we have crashed in what seemed to be a meeting of supervillians and every other naughty characters.

There were many soldiers, sporting armor similar to those in the royal guard, but dark and very damaged, as if they had been in a hundred of battles.  I spotted some changelings too, and a couple of dragons. I even though I saw a cyborg pony.

All of those seemed to be the “random soldier #113” or something like that, but there were a couple that seemed rather unique.
One of these was a gray unicorn with pitch black mane, its horn was red on the tip, and green smoke was coming from his eyes.
But the one that caught my attention was a huge board with reddish hair.
After that… I didn’t remember anything, but luckily, my lovely assistant had awakened, mostly.

“Doctor, what are you doing on the floor?” she said, still sleepy.

“Derpy, do you remember how we got into this place? And I mean after we left the TARDIS.”

“After you throw yourself into the crowd of tough guys, would you mean?” she replied, “Well, you were attacked by that unicorn that looked like a mummy.”

“Mummy?” I didn’t remember anything like that.

“Yes, she used those bandages like tentacles and started choking you, it was pretty scary.” she made a pause, “But she called you with a weird name, Graveyard, Farmyard?”

“That… doesn’t ring any bell. What happened after that?”  

"Well, then this guy showed up, an Earth pony with blue fur, a tousled blonde hair, and very thick glasses."

"You mean him?" asked by pointing out who had just entered the room at that time.

"Good afternoon~" the newcomer greeted with a very gentle voice.

"AH!" yelled Derpy, finally waking up completely, "He is the one who knocked us!"

Compared to all the tough guys, and that unicorn mummy, I would have never expected it to be someone like HIM who had knocked us.

"Calm down," the newcomer insisted, "It was the only way to bring you two to the infirmary in one piece."

“Explain yourself…”

Before he could, the doors were opened again, and a girl peeked through them. She was wearing a black and red, sailor styled school uniform, and she was carrying one half of a red huge scissors.
“Ah, Sensei, the princesses have met and want to meet our guests, "she said.

"Thanks, Matoi-kun, will go right away." He replied with a warm voice. The girl bowed and left immediately, "I know you have many questions, but I'm sure that princesses can answer all your questions."

"So the princesses are here? That's a relief ... "Derpy said, sighing.

I was not so relieved, because I knew of alternate dimensions where Celestia and/or Lunan were evil and ruled with iron hoof. I don’t remember somewhere where Cadence is evil by her own decision, but I would not exclude the possibility of it happening.

That guy told us to follow him, so we did, with some caution, since I didn’t have my sonic screwdriver with me.

On the way down the long hallway, I could see that in fact it seemed to be a neighponese school, with the peculiarity that all the windows facing the outside were covered.

"That girl, she called you sensei." Derpy ventured to say, "That means teacher in neighponese, right?"

"Yes, I'm one of the few teachers in this place." our guide said, with a somewhat melancholy tone.

"That means we are in Neighpon?"

"No. We are actually more or less where Canterlot was..."

“Whete it was?” Derpy and I said in chorus, confused.

The sensei sighed, "I already told you, princesses will explain you everything, I'm not very good at expositions and that sort of things."

We continue the rest of the journey in silence, which allowed me to look inside the classroom. Many students were ponies, griffins, zebras, and even dragons, but had also some deer, virgacorns and hippogriffs.

We left the school by going down stairs, but the whole journey was indoors. Finally, we entered an elevator, something I would not expect to find in a world dominated by ponies.
We climbed to the top floor, and when the doors opened, I could see three silhouettes against the single uncovered window.

As we approached them, however, I realized they were not the princesses we were expecting to see.

"You see, dear mother, this guy is definitely not the Valeyard." Said the one sitting to the left, a white unicorn with dark red mane. She was wearing a long cape tied around his neck with a gold brooch in the form of hoof.

"... I'm still not convinced." Said the one sitting on the right, another unicorn. This was the one that Derpy had called a mummy, for his body was almost completely covered in bandages, including the eyes.
And despite this, I could feel her stabbing me with his gaze.

"We will give them the benefit of the doubt, since the sensei insisted so much on it ..." said the one sitting in the center, an alicorn, with a bored and disinterested expression.

"T-twilight!" Derpy cried in recognition. I was speechless; I could not believe that the little student of Celestia had been transformed into an alicorn as her teacher.

She did not pay attention to our exaltation, "Anyway, be welcome to New Canterlot, the last bastion of order and harmony!"

"What do you mean? What happened here?"

Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle rose from her throne and walked towards the window, motioning us to follow.

Seeing through it, we saw a small city, tall buildings, constructed over a long metal platform. Everything else was desert, the sky was covered in dark clouds.

"We went to war against Discord, and obviously, we lost ..."

Here is the summary of the changes made in the previous chapter.

*Removed the characters of Sword and Shield.

*Pinkie had chosen a fighting style imitating the protagonist of a famous anime/manga (Generosity 3)

*Some dialogs here and there.

*Every chapter will have an unofficial opening. They will be all anime opening songs, somewhat related to the chapter, but not so obviously sometimes. 

I wrote this chapter and the previous as i was doing the last details of the pictures for episode 8 of the audio adaptation, so forgive me for any inconcistence or mistake. 

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
I take it sword and shield didn't get much character development or interact with the others much?

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No, he hasn't reply yet. I sent him the first part of this, that was already translated, as i translated the second half, but since he didn't reply the first one, i didn't wanted to bothered him :s

And yes, I didn't planned too much for sword and shield, just tossed them to see what would happen. Night, Eureka, Lightning and even Shadowfax do have some sort of character development over time, a backstory and a place where they would fit in the future. 
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Dammit. :-( Louis. Where is he? :-( :_(
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