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January 15


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Alternate POV Series: Discord World War.
Written by James Sylar (myself).
Translated by Drake Epsilon
Idea original by Alex Warlorn.
MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbro (?).
Every other character or reference belongs to its respective owner.

v2. Editted January's 21, 2014.

Chapter 3. Honesty’s Crown. Part 1
*Unofficial Opening Song: Brightdown by Tamaki Nami


After travelin’ for 24 hours without stop, we finally reached the place where the radar was pointin’ us was the next holder.
The train stopped suddenly and all of us got down, watchin’ what was in front of us. The city was torn from its place and bended until it took the shape of a giant cube which was suspended over one of its corners, and was spinnin’ slowly.

“According to our map, this place is called Springmane…” Lightning Arrow said.

"Are you certain this is the place?" asked Trixie to her co-holder.

Twilight nodded, "The weirdness is a sign that Discord was there... but the second holder of Honesty is still there."

"That means that he could still be there..." whispered Cruel, frownin’. She hid her nervousness pretty well.

"Better for all of us, it will give us the chance of turning him into a nice garden decoration!" Rainbow said with determination, spreadin’ her confidence to Cruel.

"How are we supposed to go in?" Rarity asked, watchin’ the roads in the city were leanin’ at angles that would make them impossible to climb.

Rainbow stepped forward, and hoverin’ parallel to the surface of the cube, she placed her hooves on it. At that moment, she withdrew her wings, and to the surprise of all, she stood right there.

"You can walk normally, even if it’s this inclined" she said, trottin’ a little and even givin’ a couple of jumps.

"Rainbow, that could have been dangerous!" Cruel scolded her.

"It must have a gravity spell" Twiligth muttered while touchin’ the cube, "or the equivalent in Discord’s terms."

It was somewhat difficult to move from the ground to the city, but Twilight helped us with a levitation spell, and eventually we were on the surface of the cube.

“Don’t you think this place is too empty?” Rarity asked, looking through the glass window of a shop.

“Yeah, even if Discord passed through here and made everypony gray and crazy hazy, they should be here.” Pinkie added, with a concerned look on her face.

Twilight pondered for a couple of seconds, “We’ll cure any pony affected if we came across them, but our priority is to find the second holder. Now, we will probably have to fight a Harlequin in here too, maybe more, so we must be really careful. Also, we must stay together, so, are we all here already?”

"Eureka stayed on the train, so we're ..." Trixie said and began to tell "I, Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow, Pinkie, Shy, Cruel, Octavia, Inkie, Blinkie, Night Gale and Lightning Arrow"

Octavia reacted, "Wait, where is Vinyl?"

"She wasn’t comin’ after us?"

"I'm here!" The DJ shouted from outside the cube. She tried to jump to get to its surface, apparently forgettin’ that she was also a unicorn.

"Vinyl! Where were you? "Octavia asked, quite angry and annoyed, walkin’ to where his best friend was.

"Oh! Do you remember that surprise Ah mentioned you? Eureka finished it!"

Vinyl managed to climb on her own merits before the Octavia reached her, but as soon as she stepped on the surface of the cube, somethin’ moved beneath our hooves.

"Girls, come back here, NOW!" Rarity yelled, but it was too late, as the floor below where the cellist was began to rise and rotate sideways.

"W-what's going on?"

"TAVIE!" Vinyl attempt to get where her friend was, but the ground where she was started to move in the other direction, throwin’ her off balance.

Rainbow Dash and Cruel tried to go to his aid, but the Twilight stopped them.

“Discord is trying to separate us, we need to stay together!”

And just as if she had tempted him, the ground beneath us began to move too, only even faster than before. We then stopped abruptly and we were all launched in different directions.

Ah crashed into a wall, and Ah was be able to see that Rarity was launched against some trash cans, which to her fortune, were empty. The others did have similar fortune.
Then the ground shifted again, but in a perpendicular direction as to how it was spinnin’ before. Then Ah realized that we weren’t in a simple cube, it was a Rubik´s cube.

The individual pieces kept spinnin’ and spinnin’, as if we are in a macabre fair’s game. Ah tried to hold anyone passin’ near me, but Ah wasn’t able to hold to anypony.

At the end, when everythin’ stopped, Ah found myself alone in a dead end. Ah tried to get up and stay up, but Ah was so dizzy and dazed, that Ah fell immediately. Everythin’ was still spinnin’ and mah vision started to become more and more blurred.

Before Ah passed out Ah realized that, unlike what Ah had believed before, Ah was not alone.

++++Twilight Sparkle++++

I stood up still somewhat stunned, trying to stay focused to check my surroundings. Apparently I was in one of the main streets of the city, with elegant shops adorning both sides of the road. Parked in front of these had a couple of carriages that just like all native of the city, had remained in place.

As expected the scenery changed all of sudden every couple of feet, in the "section" where I was.

To the north, just to make a reference, there was a park with wide and leafy trees, an open meadow covered in grass and a stream of water that ended abruptly.

To the south there were a group of small houses, built one too close to the other.

To the east, the cube turned 90 degrees and a group of warehouses could be seen.

To the west there was a little suburb with big houses with big playgrounds.

There was no sign of my friends. That was, surely, Discord's plan. It was the labyrinth all over again, what original!

...I would not say I wasn't afraid. In fact I was pretty much worried, but I should trust my friends and myself.

I heard a noise coming from one of the stores that had its front window completely shattered. I got close carefully, because, even when I hoped it was one of my friends, I could not let my guard go down yet.
When I looked through the window, I realized that it was not them, but it was a familiar face.

"Night Gale, are you ok?" I asked when I entered to the store through the door.

He managed to stand up on his own, nodding with his head, but soon we discovered a small pool of blood where he had fallen.
It was a curious thing to see a pegasus vampire almost fainting at the sight of his own blood.

Fortunately, he only had some superficial cuts, thanks to the night guard’s armor he was wearing. Thus, after withdrawing a few pieces of glass from his coat, I proceeded to cure him using the spell in which I was becoming an expert.

Upon leaving the store, Night and I were able distinguish a silhouette moving in a shop across the street.

"Your vision is better than mine, right?" I asked, and he just nodded, "that is an ally?"

"No ... it's one of the Harlequins!" He exclaimed, and unexpectedly ran into its encounter.

To my surprise, our enemy immediately fled, stumbling over several mannequins in its way.

"Wait!" I shouted while trying to reach Night Gale, who entered the store by ramming the door.

The harlequin ran by the backdoor of the store, and entered a close building. Follow her was not that hard, since she left a trail of scattered stuff. Actually, I doubt she did it with the intention of making us hard to reach her...

Even then, we couldn't go on like that. "I told you to wait!" I yelled using my magic to stop Night Gale. He tried to fight immediately, wiping his wings to get free.

"There is no time, we have to stop her!"

"Don't you remember what happened in the farm? We can't face her by ourselves! And, what if she is leading us to a trap?"
After hearing that he finally calmed down, and I let him to move again.

"You do not understand, that is the harlequin who stole my parents’ ring..."

"All of this for a ring?” I said, without thinking too much about what he had said.

“It's not just a ring; it is a magical artifact of great power, one of the three Deathly Hallows"

"The Deathly Hallows?"

He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything else, a large piece of the wall next to us was ripped out. And by the newly formed opening a golem, similar to what we faced before, peeked in, with his mistress riding on its head.


++++Rainbow Dash++++

I awaked in a dark room, with only a dim light coming from a mostly closed window behind me. Soon I realized I was chained and unable to move.

Then, I heard steps, and a pony manifested right in front of me, bright pink fur and bright pink fluffy mane.

“Good morning Dashie, did you slept well?” she said with a sadist glaze and a macabre grin.

She was wearing a cape made of many skins with cutie marks, and her neck was adorned by a collar made of several unicorns’ horns.

“Guess what? Your number came up!” she added, putting a very sharp knife very close to my face. She stopped then, almost as if she was waiting for a response.

“…And I suppose you want me to believe you are Pinkie Pie?”

“What?” She looked surprised, “I am Pinkie Pie!”

“Please, even if she went murderously crazy, Pinkie will have more style than this. This looks like a bad Daring Doo’s fanfic. You must be another of those harlequins, I’m sure.”

She groaned unhinged.
“Curses! She gave me a half plotted disguise!”

“Ha! I was bluffing! You have revealed yourself!”

She stared at me fiercely, almost stabbing me with her eyes, and with the knife she has holding too. Then, she calmed herself.

“Verily good job Dashie. You have made a fool out of me, but you have to remember that you are still my prisoner.”

“So? If you wanted me dead, you have killed me while I was passed out.”

“I would like to, but even I have to follow the script.” she said, producing a book from under her cape. In the cover was written <To cook a pony> with a cute drawing of a pony sitting inside a cauldron with another with a chef hat cutting onions.

“Let’s see…” she added, putting a pair of reading glasses over her muzzle, “Here! I have to break your mind before I break your body. It adds flavor, I guess.”

“Good look with that” I was being a little bit arrogant, but I truly believe I could stand anything she could throw me, at least until I had the chance to flee or somepony came to save me.

“Don’t underestimate me, I have my methods.”

She went out of my field of vision and returned pushing an old TV with a VHS connected to it.

“You know, some will pay you plenty for that sort of antiques”

“Silence. Now behold! The horrors and insanity of a forgotten age! This video will transport you to a dark world filled with the uncompressible and unknowable! This is Care bears, the movie!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-wait, are you going to give me some of those popcorns?”

“No, they are mine!”



I have been launched inside of a huge library, well, most of it, since one of her walls had disappeared and replaced with half of a bowling alley.
I thought that was a good mix, but then again, the noises from the bowling will surely distract those who are reading.

Also, I have absorbed most of the impact by inflating myself with air, so I didn’t lost my conscience like the others. It hurt, though.

I heard steps, and somepony crying.

I walked toward the source of the noises, extremely cautions, and in the fantasy section I found a book fort. Some pony was inside.


She gasped, and the book fort closed its door and windows.

“Go away!” she said, “They are coming!”

“Who-“ I didn’t manage to ask, since a bookshelf almost fell over me. I evaded it, but I found myself being surrounded by ponies that looked at me with wild eyes.

There were at least a dozen of them, and every second one or two more creeping out of the dark corners of the library.
“So that’s what happened to the ponies who lived here.”

I launched my hoof towards the top of a bookshelf, and I pulled myself before they could get me.

Halfway, however, I stopped and took a look at the enclosed book fort. She wasn’t Twilight, but even so…

“Please wait! We will rescue you!” I said before running away.


When the world stopped spinning, I found myself in a warehouse full of boxes. At first glance, there seemed to be no one else there, but when I headed to the door, I came across a yellow pegasus with yellow fur and pink mane.

"Oh, Rarity!" She said, "I'm so glad to meet you! I was so scared! "
She came running over to me, but I managed to knock down a stack of boxes between me and her, stopping a moment at least.

"R-rarity? What's wrong?" Her eyes showed fear and confusion.

"I have to applaud your efforts, you are very good actress, but you won’t fool me so easily."

"Wha-what are you talking about?"

"Now stop pretending, your body language is completely different from Shy. You're one of the harlequins of Discord, isn‘t it?"

The pegasus in front of me acted confused for a couple of seconds more, but she realized the useless of it, so she frowned and looked down. Then she smiled ... and something about her reminded me of Cruel. Perhaps, if she had tried to imitate her, she might have managed to fool me.

“You really surprise me, Rarity. I really didn’t think any of you would be able to see through my disguise. Indeed, I’m one of the harlequins.” she said in an arrogant tone, closing her eyes and standing on a box, “Now, take out your weapon so that we shall battle in a match that will be so epic that it will be told by generations of the descendants of the winn-Hey! Where do you think you are going?!”

She wasn’t happy when she realized that I had climbed to a pile of boxes and was about to escape through a window.

"Darling, I think you are confounding me with someone else. I am a dressmaker, not a warrior. If you want an epic battle, go to Rainbow or Applejack! "

"Coward!" She unfolded her wings and took flight to go after me.
And as I said, I'm not a warrior. However, I am not useless in the battlefield, I know karate, yet, I was not going to get sweaty if I could avoid it.
This time, learning from my mistakes, I had carried my bow since I got off the train.

I shot her a couple of arrows, but she did not even bother to dodge them, she chose to hit them with their wings to cut them. This, thankfully, slowed a bit, and gave me time to think of a plan.

"Let’s see if you can cut this unbreakable arrow” I said, and shoot a completely normal arrow, except that this one had a small jar filled with water on its tip.
She smiled, full of confidence, and short cut that was just like the others.

“That was your unbreakable arrow?” she mocked, not realizing that I had already jumped out of the warehouse and ran away as fast as possible. Within seconds, the tip of the arrow dried, leaving the ploghistone which it was made of came in contact with air.

The explosion caused when it spontaneously combusted shouldn’t have seriously hurted her, but it gave me the chanve to get away from there. I did felt remorseful for not going back and check her out, moreover after what Inkie did before, but the important thing now was to find my friends!

++++Discord, the wonderful and most charming lord of chaos++++

And then she walked into the room that was the kitchen, living room, and disco (but this last one only on Fridays)

"Did you have a hard day?" I said while preparing jelly and mustard sandwich on whole wheat bread, which flew off as soon as I let it go, and got stuck in the ceiling.
Sometimes being the spirit of chaos is not easy.

She growled, and threw on the floor in front of the TV that I used to watch the ponies as they toured through the Rubik city.
Her face still had some ashes and her mane was slightly burned.

“I must say, I really like what you did with your mane! Who is your stylist?” I said, teleporting myself at her side, holding a “Monthly gossip teen” magazine. She just growled again.  
"I cannot help but notice that you still wearing the disguise of Shutterfly, any reason for that?"

"No, I just ..." she said quietly, and then stopped completely, changing the television channels without stopping, “Wait, aren’t we missing somepony? Where is the DJ girl?”

“Oh, don’t worry about her. She isn’t an element holder or a legendary warrior chosen by the heavens. She doesn’t have any relevance for this story!"

“I do no longer know if you're arrogant or just stupid, father..."


At that time, I remember thinking something like:

“I’m a stupid! If only I have told them to wait for me, Discord wouldn’t have separated us!
Octavia must be very mad at me! And the others are in danger, all because of me! I'm stupid!
Mental note: Do not be so stupid! Ehm, why do I have so many mental notes with the same message?”

Then, I saw her... a little filly with a four-pointed star.


She was right in front of me, but even so, she was unable to see the real me. That was all I needed to guide her.


The filly started running away, entering an alleyway. That place wasn’t secure for a small kid, so I followed her, trying to reach her.
Then I slowed down, almost stopping, “Isn’t she safer away from me?” I asked to myself, remembering my recent guilt, and all my previous failures.

However, I couldn’t stop feeling something hot inside me, something that told me to continue.
I took a deep breath, and continued the pursuit.

I only saw her as I turned on a corner, and she was turning in the next one. Finally, I lost her. I looked around, but she was nowhere to be found.  

However, when I looked into a small gap between two buildings, I saw another filly, one with a tiara in her cutie mark.
"The voyage of the mane six while traveling through the world searching for the second holders of the elements of harmony. Discord's war becomes worse as time goes on, and a mysterious traveler is changing the history." 

Eddited and add some new scenes. 

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alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
What's the stuff you changed in detail?
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
I named the city, and corrected some minor details like separation between paragraphs. But i also added a scene of Pinkie and Rainbow. 
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
You should go over the entire text again. There are a lot of parts that are too close together and could need a space line between them. For example:

Rainbow stepped forward, and hoverin’ parallel to the surface of the cube, she placed her hooves on this. At that moment, she withdrew her wings, and to the surprise of all, she stood right there.
"You can walk normally, even if it’s this inclined" she said, trottin’ a little and even givin’ a couple of jumps.

How about you give the city a name like Las Pegasus or Manehattan, just so it has more of an identity?

"I shot her a couple of arrows, but she did not even bother to dodge them, he chose to hit them with their wings to cut them." should be "I shot her a couple of arrows, but she did not even bother to dodge them, she chose to hit them with her wings to cut them."

Meanwhile the plot thickens. Discord is up to his old tricks and seperates the group but otherwise he seems strangely passive from time to time, he leaves almost everything to his harlequins.

The one of them instantly running away and leaving a trail of stuff behind is highly susispious and another one turns out to be able to shift shape. That and her following interaction with Discord is very similar to what Dark World!Fluttercruel would say and do. Just that this one is much more genre savy, the one in the Dark World was much more arrogant and blind to how others could be important. The short encounter between her and Rarity was also pretty entertaining. You don't try to fool a master of details with an impersonation of her best friend and Rarity was smart enough to not go for close combat while she is all alone.

Meanwhile somebody else is pulling the strings behind the scenes and leads Vinyl to Diamond Tiara. It seems that in this timeline Discord didn't corrupt her but if he didn't... how did he escape his prision?
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
I'm revising and editing, i will probably upload another version tomorrow. 
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
"It must have a gravity spell" Twiligth muttered while touchin’ the cube, "or the equivalent in Discord’s terms."

Or space is distorted.

Sometimes having a very large group can be a DISadvanage.

Don't forget Rarity also know karate.

If this is a city, WHAT city was it? And where are all the people?

However, when I looked into a small gap between two buildings, I saw another filly, one with a tiara in her cutie mark.

That's odd, since the last time we saw Diamond Tiara in mind games, her crown cutie mark has twisted into the star of chaos. 
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
I have made some editions and i will probably upload an edited version tomorrow :3
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